2018 CBROS. Fat Tire Electric Scooter-L:  Includes: 20AH Battery (50-60 Miles per charge)    900+ cycle lifespan, 1200 watt brushless    hub, front suspension, water proof wiring and    30% + grade.             $1499

2018 CBROS.G Fat Tire Electric Scooter:     Includes: Golf bag and beverage holder.                                                                         $1799

2018 Standard Fat Tire Electric Scooter:     Includes: 12AH Battery (=20-25 Miles per charge)   500+ cycle lifespan, 750 watt brushless hub, front suspension, 25% grade max.                                           $1299


Additional Equipment:   Bluetooth Speaker in headlamp (play music while you ride) $49, 2 anti-theft, self-starting security remotes $49 Beverage Holder $24,Cell Phone Holder $19,Custom (Printed art) Fenders $149 per set,Second seat with back rest and 1 set of foot pegs $79.  (NOTE): Must be added to a 20AH 1200 Watt Scooter.

2018 USED CBROS. L SCOOTERS Available Starting At: $989

Included is a 20AH battery, 1200 watt brushless hub, front suspension and Bluetooth in the headlamp. Have been in our rental inventory for 2-3 months.


SPECS: 2018 CBROS. Fat Tire Electric Scooter-L    Motor: 1200 Watt Brushless Hub      Speed: 8=Beach, 13=Golf, 20=Street    Front and Back Hydraulic Disk Brakes     Front Suspension     Tires: 18X9.5”     Clearance: 5.5”    Grade: 30 degrees +    Maximum Weight Load: 400 LBS.    Charge Time: 4-6 HRS. 

C.BROS. Fat Tire Electric 2 Seater Electric Scooter.

C.BROS. Fat Tire Electric 2 Seater Electric Scooter.

Jupiter Bikes $899.00

Smallest Electric Bike

Are you looking for a fun, clean and convenient way to get around town?

Four Different Colors

Jupiter, electric bike, is the smallest, collapsible bike of it's kind.

Campus or City

Tired of being late to school, fighting traffic for work? Jupiter can get you there in a flash!


Fold your Jupiter bike up and put in back pack until you're ready to ride again. Great for those living on their boats or do a lot of traveling.

Fifth Wheel

Family gatherings have never been more fun. Get to your designated area and then pull out your Jupiter bike and ride for up to 12 miles before it's next charge.


Charging time is only 1-2 hours max. Holds individuals of up to 250lbs and goes up to 15mph.

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