Warranty (Tires, Flats, Brakes and visual wear and tear on batteries, motors or any other part of the bike are not included in warranty)

  • 3 month Battery and Motor Warranty on Tripper Ebikes and Scooters.
  • 1 Year Battery and Motor Warranty on Bull and CBROS Scooters.
  • 1 Year Battery and Motor Warranty on Dockside Foldable, Mini Playas, Vintage, SN100, Full Suspension and full size Playas.
  • 10 Year Motor and 5 year battery warranty on all EBC Models

Ride Oside requires the purchasing customer to take a video of issue as soon as it occurs and either text to 760-717-8158 or email to c.dalsey7@gmail.com along with purchaser's name, address, email and brief description in your own words to start the documenting process. This process is to protect both the customer and Ride Oside. Ample time to diagnose, and or, in some instances time to order needed parts to resolve such matter. Ride Oside and its distributors/manufacturers will do everything in their power to resolve covered warranty issues as quickly as possible.


  • Charge your ebike or scooter after every ride.
  • When not in use it is imperative that you charge your ebike or scooter every 30-45 days for several hours to ensure strong battery life of your battery. (Lack of use and lack of charging your ebike or scooter can damage the battery).
  • It is important to get a tune up every 6-8 months if you ride daily, however, if you ride less frequently, 10-12 months will work.
  • Every 2-4 months it is important to check nuts and bolts for tightness. After riding over potholes etc. Nuts and bolts tend to get lose.
  • Keep air pressure on tires to the PSI located on your tires. If you are uncertain it is imperative to check with your sales. Too much air will cause your tire to pop.
  • Squeaky brakes: Rub a little rubbing alcohol on the disk brakes with rag.

Returns on Ebikes or scooters within 7 days of purchase will get a full refund minus a $200 restocking fee.Returns after 7 days up to 30 days we will refund all monies minus a restocking fee of 30% of total purchase before taxes.

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